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Rainbow Frog policies, guidelines, procedures, disclaimers

PLEASE NOTE: We work as fast as possible on our customs list. Rainbow Frog is truly a "HOME BASED" business, and working from home presents challenges not faced by business that work in spaces separate from our families. Our custom completion times may be a little longer than some other weavers because of this. Please plan on 5-8 weeks for completion. We aim for sooner but are realistic that with young kids and life quirks that come up we want to err on the longer side.

UPDATED 2/19/15: Many of you already know that Rainbow Frog has a team of weavers. We all work with the same patterns, weave structures, yarn and setts. Rainbow Frog designs and quality controls all products prior to shipping.

There is a $150 custom design fee which includes the design fees, mock ups and yarn. This fee is due at time of securing custom spot. Fee is in addition to the per meter charge. Deposits are not refundable even in the event of a future return. (This only applies to a true custom. Sometimes semi customs will have a design fee but the $150 fee applies to the custom spot holder)

Customs start at $100/m and include the following:

  • Plain weave structure
  • Add $10/m for 2/2 or 3/1 twill and zigzag
  • Add $15/m for hearts, herringbone and other twills
  • There may be a preparation fee for working with Dyed warps
  • Up to 8 colors of unmercerized cotton are included in all customs
  • Additional colors can be added at an additional charge to the customer.
  • Unmercerized cotton is $10 per color.
The same procedure applies for different fibers of yarn. Rainbow Frog will calculate yarn upcharges communicate with the customer to obtain consent before any additional yarn is ordered.

  • Cottolin- $10/m
  • Natural hemp- $10/m
  • Merino tencel- $20/m
  • Alpaca silk- $20/m
  • Tencel- $10/m
Slik, colored hemp and other wools will be quoted and charge for exact yarn charge.

Yarn upcharges are paid in full at the time of the deposit, when ordering yarn.

50% deposit for your warp is due at time of yarn ordering. This is includes sister spots. The remainder is due upon completion of your wrap before shipping. Once deposit is paid it is non refundable. Rainbow Frog reserves the right to allow the transfer of custom spot on a case by case basis. We will do everything we can to be fair and work with you. Please understand that a lot of time goes into to planning, designing, ordering yarn, invoicing and of course warping and weaving. It takes away from our weaving and creating time when having to refund and resell items that have already been accounted for.

Sister Spots:

Rainbow Frog offers sister spots to the owner of the custom.
Any leftover sister wrap lengths are left to the discretion of the weaver for sale.
We are happy to invoice and ship sister spots individually. Separate shipping charges will be applied in this case.


Shipping Disclaimer: Customer acknowledges that Rainbow Frog Textiles,LLC is located in the United States. All of our items will be shipped with tracking and insurance.

In the event an insurance claim is filed for a package, a refund will be issued to the customer after the insurance claim is paid by the shipping company. It is illegal to lower the declared value of items on custom declaration forms below the amount paid; Rainbow Frog Textiles retains the right to cancel the sale of a wrap if the customer insists on a lower price being declared. All shipping fees are nonrefundable for any reason, and the return shipping for any package is the responsibility of the customer unless otherwise agreed upon beforehand by the customer and Rainbow Frog Textiles, LLC.

Rainbow Frog Textiles, LLC does not cover the customs fees or duty costs; those are solely the responsibility of the customer. If the customer refuses delivery because of these fees and costs, a refund will be issued minus the cost of shipping, after the wrap has arrived back with the weaver.

Other Disclaimers:

Refunds, exhanges, discounts

Rainbow Frog Textiles reserves the right to withhold a 10% restocking fee on any returned item, especially if it is in not brand new condition. (has been worn or washed), or if you should forfeit your wrap prior to shipping and Rainbow Frog sells your piece for you. Any design fees will be non refundable.

When receiving your wrap look over the wrap immediately. Contact us within 5 days to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

We do our best to send out all wraps in perfect condition but we are human and something may be accidentally missed. In the event of minor and repairable flaws, not limited to but including skips, snags, pulls, bobbin change thread not snipped and weavers knots, are missed we will pay for shipping back and repair them. Refunds or discounts would not be warranted for repairable minor flaws.

Bobbin changes are part of the weaving process and are more noticeable in plain weave structure. These are not flaws and returns or discounts are not warranted.

We also do our best at weaving great selvages. We may hem certain twill designs. If you are not 100% pleased with your selvages we will offer to hem them. If there is not a safety or integrity issue refunds will not be offered.

If there is a major safety issue with a wrap; holes, rips, several broken threads we will offer a refund or exchange.

Due to the nature of custom products; items that are refused or abandoned for any reason are non-refundable at the discretion of Rainbow Frog Textiles.

Returns, refunds and/or repairs will not be accepted without first obtaining authorization from Rainbow Frog Textiles. If a refund is agreed upon, refunds will be processed within 5 days from receiving the item back in Rainbow Frog's possession.

Any and all warranties, guarantees and or product promises are nontransferable and are only valid for the original purchaser as listed on the mailing address. Once the item is no longer in the original owner’s possession for whatever reason, any and all warranties, guarantees and or product promises are hereinafter void. If the original owner sells or passes the item on to another person, Rainbow Frog Textiles cannot be held responsible for the condition of the item at that time and cannot guarantee the safety or condition the item is in.

Any Alterations made after the product is delivered to original owners voids any warranty as I cannot guarantee someone else's work or safety involved.

If you have a question or problem please contact me right away so we can work out a beneficial solution.

Disclaimer last updated on 4/26/2015